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Healthy ageing

Self care at every age

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Enthusiastically welcoming mother nature’s gifts is the greatest secret to your lifelong health and vitality.  From ancient times to the present day, these gifts are referred to as the 7 Principles of Health.  Include these principles in your day and reap the rewards.


Principle 1


Breath clean electrified air – get outside into the fresh air often


Principle 2


Drink at least 2 litres of good, clean water daily – water gives life to your whole body and is essential for the elimination of toxic waste.


Principle 3


Sunshine provides necessary nutrients to our body that is unable to be obtained from any other source.


Principle 4


Walking – life is movement, and walking is the number one activity that supports your health. 


Principle 5


Whole foods (not processed) eat 80% plant-based foods daily – fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains. 


Principle 6


Relationships that are loving, kind and supportive can be energising, healing, and uplifting.


Principle 7


Find your passion for what invigorates you and gives you joy!



Cute Pastel Animal Number 1-9 Posters.png
Cute Pastel Animal Number 1-9 Posters.png
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